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Citizenship Award

          In 1967, the Olive E. Glaubitz Awards were introduced.  Nine citizenship awards of $50.00 each were presented, to one student in each Home & School area in Ontario.  These awards were originally made possible through contributions from associations and councils in memory of Mrs. Glaubitz, a past-president of OFHSA, and they continued for a time through generous donations from her son.
           The Citizenship Awards were reintroduced in 1981 and continue to be presented.  Eight provincial awards of $100.00 each for Grade 5 through Grade 12 are presented annually to students chosen from nominations submitted by school staff, the Home and School association or the student council. These awards are supported by the funds received for Life Memberships presented by Associations and Home & School Councils.

Col. R. S. McLaughlin Memorial Award

           This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding service to education by fostering co-operation between parents and teachers and by promoting understanding between the home and the school. This award is meant for Home & School members who have made a significant contribution to the Federation at the provincial level.  The nominees must be serving or have served a full term on a minimum of two of: Home & School Association executive, Home & School Council executive, a Regional Board executive, or the OFHSA Board of Directors as either an executive or on a Board of Directors committee.
           The award was named the Col. R.S. McLaughlin Memorial Award to recognize an endowment from the McLaughlin family.  Mrs. McLaughlin served the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations for many years, including as president from 1931 to 1936. 

Educator Award

           This award was introduced in 1989-90 and is presented to an educator who has demonstrated in an exceptional way her or his support for parental involvement in education through the Home & School organizations.  Nominations may be submitted by Associations, Home & School Councils, Regional Boards, or the OFHSA Board of Directors.




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Publications List

Financial guidelines for H&S Associations
Financial guidelines for H&S Councils
Association Expense Reimbursement form
Charitable donations procedure
Process for verification of financial statements
HST rebate procedure
Fundraising Guidelines
Federation Finances

2016-2017 executive contact info sheet
2015-2016 association membership list
2015-2016 association membership summary form
H&S Association Membership application form
H&S Association Life Membership application form
H&S Council Life Membership application form
OFHSA Membership
Alumni Membership
Recognizing Outstanding Service

Advocacy: How OFHSA Members Make a Difference
All About OFHSA
OFHSA promotional brochure (full colour)
Congratulations! You have a Home & School Association
Drop Out Parent (front)
Drop Out Parent (reverse)
Liability Insurance Coverage Brochure
About Liability Insurance Coverage
Parents, Teens and Parties
Safe Travel to School
OFHSA Workgroups
Volunteer Form

Information Sheets
Positive Steps Toward Conflict Resolution
EQAO Information Sheet
OSR: Ontario Student Record
Representing Home & School on Committees
Tips for Home & School Association Executives
Home & School Websites
Home & School and CASL
Home & School E-mail Guidelines
Use of Personal Information
What's the Difference? (Home & School vs. School Council)
Social Media Tip Sheet
The Home and School Song

Translated Documents

With the assistance of two Parents Reaching Out (PRO) grants from the Ministry of Education OFHSA was able to have five documents translated into fourteen languages.

The documents: OFHSA Promotional Brochure, You Asked about Membership, What's The Difference?, EQAO Information sheet and OSR Information sheet.

The languages: Arabic, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Korean, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Urdu and Vietnamese.

In addition, the Liability Insurance brochure was translated into Arabic, French, Korean, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Urdu and Vietnamese.

These documents are available in electronic format and hard copy. Please contact the office.



Association Mailings  Line

May-June 2016 Association Mailing

Table of Contents
President's Message
2016-2017 OFHSA Board Directory
OFHSA Volunteer Form
OFHSA Centennial Flyer
Safe Travel to School Brochure
2016-2017 Association Executive Contact Sheet
Leadership Planning & Training Schedule
OFHSA Members Cafe - June 17th
Save the Date - Conference 2017
Draft Minutes of 2016 OFHSA Annual Meeting
OFHSA Year-In-Review

March 2016 Association Mailing

Table of Contents
President's Message
Booster Award Winners
Association Anniversaries
OFHSA Volunteer Form
OFHSA Workgroup Brochure
OFHSA Centennial Flyer
OFHSA Conference 2016 Flyer
Resolutions Workshop Poster
OFHSA Annual Meeting Reminder Notice
2016 Annual Meeting Agenda

January 2016 Association Mailing

Table of Contents
President's Message
January Reminders
Centennial Flyer
Conference Flyer
Conference Registration Booklet

December 2015 Association Mailing

Table of Contents
President's Message
Important Reminders
WANTED: Awards Workgroup Judges
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week Poster
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week idea sheet
Liability Insurance Coverage: School Councils and Home & School
OFHSA Centennial Flyer
Leadership and Learning Flyer

October 2015 Association Mailing

Table of Contents
President's Message
OFHSA To-Do List
(updated) OFHSA Volunteer Form
Volunteer Skills Portfolio Information
Volunteer Skills Portfolio Registration Form
OFHSA Centennial Flyer
Once in a Century.....the Centennial Honour
Recognizing Outstanding Service brochure
Awards instruction sheet
Citizenship Award Nomination Forms
Educator Award Nomination Forms
Col. R. S. McLaughlin Memorial Award Nomination Forms

September 2015 Association Mailing

Table of Contents
President's Message
Tips for H&S Association Executives
OFHSA 2015-16 Dates to Remember
OFHSA Awards Information for 2016
OFHSA Policy Information (Resolutions & Bylaws)
OFHSA Centennial Flyer
OFHSA Leadership Day Flyer
Correspondence - Advocacy Letter - Helmet Policy



Meeting Minutes 2015-2016Line

Board of Directors - June 2016
Executive Committee - May 2016
Executive Committee - April 2016 (Conference)
Board of Directors - April 2016 (Conference)
Executive Committee - February 2016
Board of Directors - January 2016
Executive Committee - November 2015
Board of Directors - October 2015
Executive Committee - September 2015
Annual Meeting - April 2016



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